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 thanks a lot for coming however you may have gotten here.   

please write in with any thoughts on anything at all, whether it be scientific, philosophical, musilogical, or whatever.

it is good to connect with other people and share ideas.  

if you have a cool business I will design a separate page for you for  $75 ,
rhymes included if ya choose it. 

Links to neat sites I will often host for free no problem.

All .org, or not for profit places get a free link if it is in some way related to material found on my website.

If you are a Rapper, Rhymer, Poet, or Visual Artist (paintings and drawings),  I can post your material if you send it to me.   

For lyrics and poetry,  I will post ONE poem or lyric for free, and I will send you an email letting you know how to find it.    Otherwise, if you would like to have your own page with your lyrics on it, my charge is $50.  This is a permanent page so you don't have to pay anything ever again after that.   If you ever have a music CD available I can post it's availability online as well, and I would just ask for $2 from every CD you sell.  To make up for it just raise the price of your CD.  

ART -   For art, if you send it to me online already ready to post on a webpage, I will not charge anything, though it might take me 1 or 2 weeks to put it up.   Just one art peice per person is allowed per month.   If you would like your own page for you art, and a gallery, let me know and the cost will be $70.   It's a permanent page, and you can have 12 art peices there if you want.   If anyone views your art online and likes it, and wants to buy it, then I would just ask for 5% of the sales price for helping you sell your art.


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