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Photos provided courtesy of Danna Cruzan
Please visit www.digitalsbydanna.com to view more of her work
Danna is one of our content providers

"Extinction is forever"

The wolf is a magnificent creature, so much so that it's nature and spirit
is a part of the psyche.   It embodies and symbolizes many wonderful
characteristics that humans admire and can learn from.

Danna Lynn Cruzan is a published photographer and staff photographer / webmaster at

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary ( www.wolfmountain.com )

Her work gives her the privilege to be close to pure wolves and photograph them.
 She is working on her degree with New York Institute of Photograhpy
and is very involved in animal and environmental issues and rights. 

Danna likes to shoot nature, wildlife, people, and animals.
 Customers love her style of composition and the way she captures the moment.

Living in a small mountain town gives her the backdrop for many beautiful places
 to photograph.  She also does private photojournalisim and portraits.
Danna is very active at Care 2, an organization geared towards
using networking and petitions to make a difference.  You can view her profile here: 
She also maintains a group there for Wolf Mountain Sanctuary that has over 400 members.  Interaction and dialogue is very welcome.
Danna gives 50% of all profit on wolf prints sold to the Sanctuary.   
WMS is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that receives no funding. 
It operates off donations.

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Book: "Wolves: Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation"


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