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Wedding photography
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Wedding photography is very challenging,
so many photographers avoid shooting weddings.
You have to like people and socializing.
You also have to be very alert, polite, and patient.
You don't have a second chance, so make sure your equipment
is working properly, including your mandatory backup system.
Bring extra batteries, film, and digital storage cards.
I always take a change of clothes, too, just in case.

Here are some other things you should take and keep handy:
battery charger, reflector, business cards (you meet a lot of people at the reception)
pens and paper, flash synch cord,

And, it goes without saying.  NEVER show up late.   Get there really early.



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The most important thing in a portrait is the expression,
 so a photographer's rapport with the subject is crucial.
Candid photos require great patience, lots of shots, and a certain amount of pure luck. 
Having the mothers or other relatives around can be very distracting sometimes.
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Our charming country studio is located near Millerton, NY, in NE Dutchess County, 
near the Connecticut and Massachusetts borders
  917-239-3151 studio
Email contact:
I do both location and studio portraits in either color or monochrome.
I can use a variety of backgrounds, or outdoors, with or without props.

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