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Living requires inspiration to maintain perspective and enthusiasm for life. 
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Unless otherwise indicated, all quotes come from the Upanishads.
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Upanishads quotes calendar

"There is a light that shines beyond all things on Earth, beyond us all,
beyond the heaven, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens. 
This is the light that shines in our heart."

Words of Peace

"He who knows both the transcendent and the immanent,
with the immanent overcomes death,
and with the transcendent reaches immortality."  
                               Chandogya Upanishad.

Probably the oldest and most sacred of the Hindu scriptures,
the Upanishads eloquently describe the path of enlightenment, freedom, and peace.
Nobody really knows how old they are, since they are a compilation
 of many texts that were finally written down  after being transmitted
verbally across many generations.  Portions of them are reputed to be
thousands of years old, by some scholars. 
Whatever their age, they reflect astonishing wisdom, put forth in a most poetic and simple manner.   

This unique calendar will ultimately have a photo and a quote for each day of the year.  
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This essay will be expanded from time to time
The greatest debates have occurred in the our quest of truth.
What is truth, or is there truth?
Science is generally presumed to know something about what is true,
but everyone knows that science is missing a lot of answers,
and in fact, it's now known that at the largest and smallest scales
of our universe, ordinary rules and assumptions are stretched to the limit.
 We do know that the entire mass of the universe is at the same time chaotic and
incredibly harmonious.   Our own lives have come forth from it's immense activities.
Writer Paul Smyres presents here a unique approach to discovering what is real,
using a combination of poetic meter and logical narrative.

Inquiry occurs only to conscious beings.
All beings have consciousness.  
Consciousness is therefore truth.

The sage and beggar know of their awareness,
the fool and king also.  

Awareness of existence is consciousness.   Awareness is pervasive.   It is fluid.

Without consciousness nothing is known nor is something unknown,
for the knowing and unknowing both depend on awareness.

Doubt arises only in conscious beings. 
Where doubt appears consciousness is also present, and coversely, where consciousness appears doubt also appears,
because doubt follows awareness like a shadow.
What the most doubtful mind cannot deny, however, is the truth of consciousness.
To deny awareness is a conflict against nature.

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