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Transformative imagery
Healing pictures and art

"Imagery is "superior to dreams in defeating the unconscious
and promoting maturation of analysis."    Carl Jung

"Even as a great fish swims along the two banks of a river,
first along the Eastern bank, and then the Western bank,
in the same way the Spirit of man moves along beside his two dwellings;
this waking world and the land of sleep and dreams."     

"Occasionally a single image can be so powerful it becomes a permanent embedded in our conscious memory. 
It may even transform our awareness."
   Photographer Paul Smyres
Abstract photography

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             Photographic images have become an indispensible part of life in the modern world. They permeate every part of culture, so much so that we often fail to realize their effect on us.  The people who produce these images are nearly invisible, in many cases, since they are always behind the camera.  Professional photographers are often ignored, except in a few cases where both they and their work is glamourized. 

               I chose photography as a medium of expression for several reasons.  First, it forces one to focus on single moments, tiny fractions of a second.  It's very exhilarating because it requires an alert concentration and deep sense of appreciation.  In my work I seek primarily to present pure beauty, a reflection of life as it is.  Consequently, I rarely use any filter except a polarizer, unless I'm shooting in black and white.   I try to extract the beautiful and sublime from ordinary scenes.  I also look for odd juxtapositions of objects that are real, instead of being posed. 

                   Secondly, one photograph can say so much, for so long a time.  Because we live in a visual age, photography in all its forms is the medium preferred by the public, primarily because it is instantaneous and transcends words.  Occasionally a single image can be so powerful it becomes a permanent part of our conscious memory.  It may even transform our awareness. 

                The average person is bombarded daily with an immense amount of imagery, some of it horrible or chaotic. Most of it is also moving, that is, in video form, which can be very distracting or even disturbing. Because a moving image contains inherently more information, it's often presumed to be more valuable. However, it is generally easier to remember a still image. The challenge is therefore to choose which image to record out of many possibilities. 

               By paying close attention to those images which evoke harmony and beauty, a sense of upliftment comes, and a realization of the many gifts that exist simply by being alive.

               Many of the images used on the website are simply a record of common images, objects, and situations we deal with daily but do not normally remember.  I try to record those images with as much attention to artistic principles as possible under the circumstances, but there is deliberately a journalistic and storytelling element in many the photos.  There may be asymmetry in one or more ways, often reflecting the view that is actually seen, not an idealized one. 

               One of the advantages of publishing directly to the internet is the ability to immediately crop unwanted elements of the image. This allows great flexibility in shooting, which is important because many of the photos are shot under far less than ideal conditions, and often with a simple camera.

Abstract photography

winter sunset

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Snow stars

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