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Sky and Earth
Sunrise and sunset photos
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The sky has long been a favorite subject of photographers. 
Often the lighting changes dramatically within minutes or even seconds.  
These changes make big differences in photographs.
To photograph the sunset you often need to set the camera on a tripod.
It's also helpful to use a faster film, such as 400 or above.  Kodak 800 is a good film to use.
Twilight or dawn are the best times.   
Try consulting an astronomical ephemeris, or time-table for planetary alignments.

Some of these photos were taken with the versatile Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera.
Venus Jupiter conjunction in Cancer, June 2002
Aerial photography

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Sunrise, Wilson State Park, NY

Sunset -- Western Pennsylvania

Earth meets sky

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Moon pictures

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Crescent moon setting over the Catskills
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