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How to sell your home
How to sell your home FAST
This is not a real estate agent or broker site. 
It is only an information resource and advertising medium.

Attention:   For Sale By Owners

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Selling your home is a big task and there's much more involved
than one might think.

That's why most people use the services of a real estate broker.

A broker almost always gets a better price for your property
and usually sells it faster as well. 
When you sell a home or other property
there are many laws that you should be aware of.

For example, In New York State you're required to sign a lengthy 
property condition disclosure form or pay a $ 500 fine.

Also, many people never read their deeds.   There may be restrictions
 on your deed that you don't know about.
Zoning laws may have changed since you bought the property,
and that may affect the price.  

If you try to sell property by yourself,
you may have to deal with many phone calls 
from unqualified or insincere "buyers".

Some people like looking for homes as a kind of hobby, 
or just having a fun afternoon in the country.

An agent can help you find qualified and eager buyers 
and will help you negotiate a better price.

Often an agent may already know someone looking for a property just like yours
An agent can also market your property aggressively 
while you spend time getting it ready for sale.

Marketing plans

Savvy marketing these days makes full use of the internet.   
Your agent or broker should be adept at using the internet and other technology.

The properties pictured below are not for sale.   They are sample photos only.

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:A bunch of nice homes in a small development

A large mansion

In a big development, making your home stand out is not easy

aerial photos help sell large properties such as farms

beautifully restored old country home -- FOR SALE, call me

this huge bedroom is in an old converted barn structure --- FOR SALE, call me

this fabulous gourmet cook's kitchen is for sale -- CALL ME

Old country home, totally restored and FOR SALE,  call me

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