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This is not a real estate agent or broker site. 
It is only an information resource and
advertising medium.

 More and more home buyers go to the internet FIRST before they look at any home.
So, if you want the most prospects you need to use the internet.

home photography and aerial photography
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If you want to sell your home fast you must get it ready first.
Even if your buyer shows up tomorrow with all cash,
unless your home is legally ready and meets local codes you can't transfer title.
If you have put any additions onto your house since you bought it, you'll need
a certificate of occupancy on those additions or it can't sell.
So, to start the process get all your paperwork in order.

The next thing you need to do is decide whether to sell it on your own
or use a broker/agent.

Setting a price
When to sell
Making your home attractive to buyers

Marketing plan

Money and financing


Setting an accurate price is the most important and also the most challenging thing you can do.
If you set it to high, it will not get many viewings,
and if you set it too low, you will of course lose money.

This is the number one reason you should have a professional help you sell.
Brokers and agents are constantly studying the market.

Unlike most products each piece of real estate is entirely unique.  
There's no property exactly like it.    This means that you cannot arbitrarily set a price.
Just because a neighbor sold HIS house for X dollars has very little to do with YOUR property.
There's always a difference, even if the homes appear to be alike.
For example, it may be a different TIME, the interest rates might be different,
the economy may have changed, or the neighborhood may have changed.
And of course, the BUYER is always different.  
Different buyers have different motives and different finances.
The selling price of a home also has very little to do with the original purchase price.
It could be much higher or significantly lower, depending on a number of factors.

What realtors do is make a calculated and educated guess
as to what a qualified buyer will be willing to pay for your home.


It makes a big difference in the price you ask.
Keep in mind that the cost of a long sales process can be as much as
the extra you might make by having a higher price.


Real estate sales can be somewhat seasonal, especially in areas that have winter.
There are generally more buyers out looking in the spring and fall.
More important than weather, however, is the business cycle.
Interest rates go up and down and selling before they go up is better.
When interest rates are up prices tend to fall.
Cash buyers like to take advantage of high rates because they usually can pay less.
In winter, those who are out buying are usually serious buyers, or are forced to buy
for one reason or another.   Some investors like to shop in winter because of that.

Real Estate Paperwork

Real estate involves a lot of paperwork.
Banks and title search companies need documentation to justify a loan,
so have as many of the following available as you can:

Deed -- you may have restrictions or easements on your property that affect the value.
Many people never read their deeds and find surprises when they go to sell.

Survey -- this really helps buyers know just what they're buying
sometimes the survey will have the location of septic and well, and that's important.

Tax parcel map -- it shows location and size of nearby properties

Certificate of occupancy --
very important if you made any additions to the home
since you've owned it.  Even decks, garages, and larger sheds need a C/O
If the home is under construction, you need building permits to be in order.

Maintenance records and receipts -- especially for furnaces and septic systems

Location, depth, and type of well, if you have one.


We all grow accustomed to our homes, the way they look, how they're decorated, and so on.
Buyers have a very different view of our house, however, and sellers need to realize that.
A buyer is trying to imagine their own furniture and decor in your home,
so anything you can do to help them will make your home sell faster.   
Get rid of clutter, and do everything possible to make your home
attractive.   Otherwise, a well-qualified buyer may just drive on by without ever seeing your home.

Aerial photos are unique, and definitely help sell property

A bunch of nice homes in a small development

A large mansion

In a big development, making your home stand out is not easy

aerial photos help sell large properties such as farms

beautifully restored old country home -- FOR SALE, call me

this huge bedroom is in an old converted barn structure --- FOR SALE, call me

this fabulous gourmet cook's kitchen is for sale -- CALL ME

Old country home, totally restored and FOR SALE,  call me

The properties pictured are not for sale.   They are sample photos only.

especially from all the seasons.  It really helps customers visualize the beauty of your home.
If you have a large or expensive property, a good aerial photograph is invaluable.

Nobody knows your home like you do.   Why do you like your home so much ?
Think about what you would tell a potential buyer and write it down. 


 More and more home buyers go to the internet FIRST
before they look at any home.
So, if you want the most prospects you need to use the internet.

Savvy real estate marketing these days makes full use of the internet.   

No good real estate office is without access to the internet.  
That's how property gets advertised these days.


Money and real estate financing

Financing real estate deals can be very simple or very complicated.
On the simple end, there are all cash deal no contingency deals.
On the other end are huge multilevel, combination cash, loan, equity, stock,
and property swap deals.

Most people need to get a mortgage, and even if they don't need one,
they may choose to borrow the money rather than use all their cash.
Mortgage companies demand accurate and complete paperwork,
since they are investing in the property.

There are times when it makes sense for a seller to "hold paper", that is,
finance part of the sale.    One reason someone might do that is because
the sale of the home will produce a huge tax liability.   By financing the sale,
a seller can spread out the cash profit over a number of years.
This can be risky, however, unless the buyer has very solid finances.

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