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 100% Pure Catnip by Cosmic Pet
 Americana Cat Coasters

 Hand-carved, individually painted beech wood coasters add a rustic feel to any setting.

 Alaskan Salmon Oil for Cats

Americana Cat Salt & Pepper Set 
 Arm & Hammer Crystal Blend Cat Litter
 Bramton Igloo Cat Beds
 C10 Automatic Pet Feeder - Cat
 Cat Figurine Picture Frame



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Not good as pets.  If you have a dog too, watch out!

boys will be boys...


Yellow parrot hiding among colorful toys.

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To many people, pets are as precious as children.
Animals are often affectionate and very loyal.  Many are outrageously funny, too.
Having a pet in the home brings many advantages, 
Each year, thousands of perfectly healthy and loving dogs are put to sleep, 
sometimes for the lamest of reasons.   Some were abused and neglected by their previous owner.

Please consider adoption for your next pet.

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