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Letter to President Bush   
 Dump Bush pages
George Bush is a danger to our country

"Not just textbooks......."
We have tons of different books from all subjects......

Author Title Comments
Justin Frank Bush on the Couch Exactly what the title says it's about.  Written by an
experienced psychiatrist.   In a nutshell:  Bush is
truly "whacked", bordering on criminal.   He's
isolated from reality and obsessed with power and trying
to out-do his dad.    Read it !  
Jeremy Leggett The Empty Tank
Guess what, we're truly running out of oil !   Demand will outstrip supply by a large measure in the NEAR future, and the world economy will be devastated.    Every person in America should read
 this book, because "it's your life".    You won't hear any of this from
 the current administration, but you NEED to know it, now.


military action against 'em
infractions against 'em
taxes in fact we spent 'em  
'n' it happened without relentin'
Robert Smyres ( RobbyG ) rap lyricist] 

"Patriots are grown too shrewd to be sincere,
and we too wise to trust them." 
   Cowper  political petition organization  
Rhymes for our times  


USA truck

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Patriotic pets

this country's wonderfully funky 
bitchy junky, richly spunky, smooth N clunky 
luvvy dubby N f__kin scrubby at the same time
 we think we're smarty well maybe partly we  are, 
but sorry still  it seems it'll only get us so far 
when we forget to learn who we really are, 
or value the dudes though far away who may party more heartily...
all day on small pay, while we stay sittin, gittin bitten by workin N livin 
wondrin why all the sudden lately sh_ts twistin, N quickly bumpin  skys are thundrin 
fires runnin rampant, we got no power to dampen em or stamp em out it's cuz we're mad blind, can't find why we can't plan 
N be damn high in the sky we got so-called freedom from time to time 
livin it up like some free liberache, though we still tend to be boxy 
but running to wait in line, wondrin wuts comin at the same time 
so we read the main lines of the crazy literature we find 
while were standin there   

Robert Smyres ( RobbyG ) rap lyricist]

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