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          " the grand design demands a rhyme"   

actually freedom's sacrificed by the macro vice 
that impacts our life.. 
makes us think we gotta do all the sh_t
that's quite trite just right cute N "usual"

but who's the fool
and who's the cool dude who came up with new food for thought
thought about then ended entered
into the school books the teachers taught? 
Excuse, but it was almost always some "wacked" guy 
nobody could handle even though they had to try; 
radically revolutious folks 

how bout Einstein, that fine mind called a bad kid 
when he gave his teacher a hard time for being a hard nose 
don't step on my toes cold bro hard liner

his hair he didn't care and he'd wear whatever 
he just needed to find time to try to define time 
and everything else for that matter 

-By RobbyG
-more poetry by RobbyG-

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