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Pet Rabbits

The sculpture above is in a housing development in Dublin, Ohio, near Columbus.

Rabbits are commonly found in myths, fables, and children's stories.
If you ever observe one up close over a period of time you'll come to respect them.

They make great pets !   They're very quiet, clean, gentle, funny,
inquisitive, and inexpensive.
They can be very affectionate, too.   If you're patient, a pet bunny will come and sit on your lap.
They'll even come up close and "kiss" your face with tender licks.

Since they're at the low end of the food chain, every bone in their body
tells them to RUN, RUN, RUN !!
They love to jump, too, and sometimes "go berserk", and do 360's in the air.
At other times they will dash all over the house, run circles around you, and so on.
They like music too, it seems.

All of their wonderful characteristics make people fall in love with them.
BUT.......PLEASE don't keep them in a cage all the time.    They need to exercise.
They can be housetrained like cats, as long as they're given a special place to " do their business".
IF you do have a cage, make it big, and have one cage outside, too, so they can feel at home.

BEWARE !  They love to chew on things, so protect your speaker wires and power cables.
Bunnies eat lots of different stuff, from raw wood to all the greens and fruit.
They are happy to gnaw on baseboards, and will even nibble on sheetrock !
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Don't do this
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Bunny on a table

Rabbit relaxed


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