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This is a ferret, and it loves to play with his friend the cat other horses -- this is a gentle belgian
Parrots make outstanding pets. A sleeping cat.  Click to go to the cat page. Yes, people have cows for pets.  This is number 27.  Click for more. george the dog boysgoat1.jpg (26846 bytes)

Photo tip:
Pets are often difficult to photograph, because you generally have no controls at all
and they often move around.
You may get one great picture out of ten or more that you take.

       Since you cannot completely control your pet, you must accommodate it.
Place it in an environment that lets it feel comfortable and try to get its attention in some way. 
Dogs can usually be distracted with an interesting toy.   Shoot many pictures and do it fast

When I do studio shots, I have to work fast.   
The camera makes it seem like the pet is sitting still, but usually that's not the case.

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