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"Pet Celebrity!"
" Woof !  Click on me to see more samples"
Hollywood Glamour Pet Photography
"Your pet should be famous"
Photo event schedule  
Photographer Paul Smyres
Shooting on location,
or at your nearest host organization.
SE New York, NW CT, SW MA, or our studio in Millerton, NY  
 917-239-3151 ( 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
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Paul Smyres,

518 - 789 - 9345   
9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Living Being Media
Pet photography fundraising
Raise money for your organization by hosting one of our fun events.
Photo event schedule
    More samples   Portrait prices

Your business or organization can earn up to $200 per day, hosting a professional Pet Portrait Day

To inquire about setting up a pet photo event, contact us by email

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               I do a lot of  pet photography.   I
use a unique, colorful system designed specifically for pets. It produces attractive, professional results that customers love.  Hosting a photo shoot will attract customers, plus, it's just plain fun.
              I look for establishments that are willing to host a profitable and fun session several times per year.  
I will work closely with you and your employees/members to make sure the event goes smoothly.   I provide forms, display materials, and a sitting sign-up booklet, and I will leave your location in the same condition it was when I arrived.   Our first event would be considered a trial, and if agreed, future events could be scheduled.

               What’s in it for you?   Well, first, I pay commissions that can add up to $250 or more to the store and employees, per event.   In addition, you can expect increased traffic that day, publicity, and fun.  Then, when we have the proof showing and order day, the same people will come back to your business.   Your business could be known as one of the few in the area that hosts such fun events, with our unique style of pet portraiture.

           I also do fundraisers for any organization, especially those which are devoted to pets or children. If hosting a fun, profitable day at your business interests you, please call me at your earliest convenience. I will spend some time with you looking at the details and possibilities to see if this will work for you. The next page has some more information.

How a
Pet Celebrity Hollywood Glamour photo session works.

           The shoots can be done in one full day, or divided into 2 portions. Generally, we schedule one pet owner every twenty minutes.   You collect a small sitting fee, which is placed in envelopes I provide. We try to get from 10 to 25 appointments, so it may take 2 to 3 weeks to fill up a schedule.

          I need an area about 10 feet by 10 feet. It can done in a back room, or perhaps, in a small location, we can do it on the day when the groomer/vet/store is closed. We take up to 24 shots for each customer, assuring an excellent selection.

          One of your employees may be interested in being paid by me to be a pet handler at 6 to 12 dollars an hour. If sales are good I always pay them a generous bonus, too. It is a fun experience, especially for a young person.

          I can bring proofs back within a few days, while the memories are fresh in mind. This brings the customers to your location again. Our unique, "design-your-own" package system is very flexible. On sales/order day I pay your store the commissions, which can be up to $ 400. Orders can be sent to your business, or directly to the customer.

         This is a proven pet portrait system that has produced excellent results around the country. There are many photographers, but few specialize in pets, nor do they offer our flexible package system that allows pet owners to get the photos they really want, not a drawer full of discards. I will only be able to handle about ten to twenty of the hundreds of pet related businesses in our area. As we head into the Fall and Holiday season, most businesses notice an increase in activity. Adding our unique service to your business will help you stand out from your competitors.

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