two boys target practicing  pellet gun leaping fawn, deer stone gate, path, hiking trail marina, boats cable car Merida, Venezuela Los Nevados, village

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target practice with pellet guns

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             Using the search facility... Use as few words as possible, since every page has many words, and the search will return results for every word.Avoid words like  "the, of, it," etc, and be as precise as possible.  For example:  if you are trying to find pictures of horses, just enter "horse",  not "pictures of horses jumping over a fence"   Once you see the results for "horse", you can go to those pages.   Or you could enter, "horse jumping" The results may include jumping children and goats,  but you will also find what you are looking for.  Try to determine what the most important word or words are, and enter them first.       Master links directory   This has hundreds of page links divided into categories.

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          Many photographs are links, and there are "mystery" photos, where clicking will take you somewhere unexpected,
either within the site or to another place on the internet.  Roll the mouse and find these hidden links.   Sometimes they hide special pictures that are clues to a game or contest.   At other times clicking on a random photo  will win a free prize of some kind.  The site is growing steadily, and few photographs are removed completely.  


          At the bottom of most pages there are short descriptions of each photograph on the page.  
Using the search facility, images and text can be found that correspond to keywords.   Some pictures and even pages are or will be on a timer.   Most photos have some text associated with them,  which can be read by letting the mouse hover over the photo.   Use the
text menu to speed your search, or explore by clicking on various photographs.   The text menu does not list every possible subject, but pages listed there have links to related information.

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Most pages have two link sections at the bottom.  On the left side are links within this site.  On the right are links to other internet resources, sponsors, and advertisers.  We have visited all the sites we link to, but some go out of business.

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Leaping fawn

A cabin in Northern Venezuela, in the rainforest

cable car view

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two boys target practicing  pellet gun leaping fawn, deer stone gate, path, hiking trail marina, boats cable car Merida, Venezuela Los Nevados, village

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