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" The whole air whitens with a boundless tide of silvery radiance...
trembling round the world.

When the moon shines, Brahman shines;
and when it goes, Brahman goes.
Its light goes to the regions of heaven, and its breath of life to the wind."

watching the moon, done with about 5 seconds of exposure

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The moon has a permanent place in mythology and poetry.   
So many people are inspired and sometimes frightened by it.
The moon's position and configuration varies dramatically from day to day,
so if you want to photograph it you should get an almanac or astronomical ephemeris.
You'll generally need a tripod, fast film, and a time exposure.
If you're lucky, you can catch it a time when it's just rising or setting, either at dawn or dusk.
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Moon setting with Venus

shooting through trees gives depth and interesting silouhette effect

Crescent moon setting
Daily living quotes

during full eclipse, May, 2003

Full moon near Orion

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