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These are CUSTOM MADE, very high quality pillows
and are priced accordingly.

Prices for these pillows is $ 275 each, or $ 550 for a pair.
Money back guarantee if pillows are returned it original condition.

24" by 24" large silk sitting pillows.
Currently out of stock
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Other sizes and styles will be available.
PLUS, we're going to offer some made with our photos imprinted on fabric panels
sewn into the pillows.   You'll be able to select a photo and design your own pillows.

These are handmade from exotic Japanese silk
and other quality fabrics.
Back is closed with buttons.   
Note:  Due to the popularity of these pillows, we're currently sold out.
Check back again.   We're working with the supplier for more designs.

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Bird design from Martinique, hand sewn, silk background, buttons on back, back is black felt

Bird motif with Thai silk
Sold - out of stock

japanesepillow2.jpg (36863 bytes)

Japanese woman


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