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Photo note card sets
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We now offer many sets of beautiful cards
These cards come in sets of 12 or 24 depending on choice of subject. 
They're printed on quality matte paper and
are 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inches
Envelopes are provided.
They're blank inside so you can write your own personal greeting.
Ask about our custom made sets for births, weddings, graduation, etc.
$ 25 set-up fee for custom orders, per card design.
Quantity discounts for orders over 8 dozen.

Note.... many of our card series are not on this page.   Find them on various subject pages....
We're adding to our inventory and selection.   Keep checking back and browse the site.
Many of the subject pages on this site have direct links to the shopping cart.

Other unique photo merchandise     Picture CD's -- hundreds of images on a disk

Card Prices   $ 19.95 per dozen
Add $3. 75 for shipping and handling for one or two sets.  
 $ 7 for 3 and 4 sets.   
 Shipping is by US mail.
At this time we are shipping to USA and Canada only

To order and pay by credit card, click on the "buy now" icons
For payment by check or money order
email    or call 917-239-3151
Click on the links below to see themes.   Click samples to enlarge.  
(Photos selected for the cards are not necessarily the ones on the pages indicated.)

Black and white
, country life
a selection of 3 sets of 4 images
laughing horse, lake sunrise, old car, tree
click to see larger image Birds
12 different backyard birds
Cardinal, blue jay, woodpecker, titmouse
dove, red-winged blackbird, goldfinch, chickadee
hawk ( close-up ), sparrow, junco, grossbeak
Amish theme, large cards 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 are 25% more
Amish life
, black and white
3 sets of 4 images in each dozen
Amish farmsbuggies,  country life
Sunset, sunrise, and moon series
Sunrises and sunsets -- color 
3 sets of 4 images, 2 each sunsets and sunrises
Antique photos
coming soon
New York City  
12 different scenes in color and black and white  

Central park in snow, horse buggy
Monochrome selection
Selection of 12 different, country scenes
lonetree4sep.jpg (30241 bytes)
Trees - color and monochrome
Winter -- 3 each of 4  

Seasons -- 3 each of 4 
Monochrome  -  3 each of 4 

 to see samples, follow the link to trees card sales

Flowers  - color
12 different  
daffodils, tulips, iris, peony, pansy, rose bouquet,
hyacinth,  garden path, white lotus, purple lotus

Churches and temples  -  color


Christmas   -  color 
12 different scenes  -- order early


Santa  color
3 each of 4, color -- order early

horses   color and monochrome

12 different horses, some humor
Amish, belgian, paso fino, jumping horse, more....
 dogs and cats  color
6 dogs and 6 cats, humor

Doors and gates
3 each of 4, color and monochrome

 more note-card themes
   Country Living   Pets   American flags

Also available soon:   
Beautiful pillows, with photos printed directly on the fabric.

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