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Medium format used camera reviews

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Twin lens reflex cameras, both nearly 50 years old and still working

Twin lens reflex  

These take 120 or 220 rollfilm, the kind of film usually used for modeling photos.  
Square negative is 6cm by 6cm. 
Viewer takes some getting used to on all TLR's,
but these were the staple of press and wedding photography for years.

Rolleiflex from about late 1940's

Rolleiflex -- from about 1949. 

Very simple twin lens reflex with an excellent lens.  Leaf shutter with speeds to 1/250 second. 
Aperture to 3.5.  Used for portraits and decor photos. 
The large 2 1/4 inch negative is great for enlargements. 
I also produce 2" transparencies for stock.  

Newer Rolleiflexes are highly collectible and superb machines. Few owners sell them.

Rolleicord with case.  Excellent value, if you can find one.

Rolleicord  TLR  Similar to Rolleiflex.
This has a shutter that must be cocked.   Excellent Schneider lens.  
Camera is about 50 years old, but is used often. 
Not to be underestimated, this camera will deliver excellent images.  
A great way to get into medium format.   Very light weight.     


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     Mamiya C-330 or C-220
Mamiya C-330 or C-220

Heavy medium format TLR, unique feature is exchangeable lens.  
Reliable as you can get, often used for portraits, more expensive than Rolleicords.  
Yashica and other brands of TLR's are reasonably priced, but not built quite as well as the above.

Old medium format equipment is inexpensive, usually

Special purpose medium format

koniomega1.jpg (79241 bytes)

    Koni-Omega press camera. 
It takes 10 6 cm by 7 cm shots on 120 film. 
It's huge viewfinder and easy focusing knob make it ideal for quick shooting. 
Good for landscapes and portraits.  I also use it for black and white on occasion. 
Slides made with the large negative are wonderful to see on a light table. 
Though heavy, it's good for studio portrait work.    Just leave it on the tripod. 
Will accept a longer lens and 220 back, which I do not have.  

Rollfix folding camera

    Rollfix -- folding camera from the 30's  - folding camera from the 30's 
This camera can actually produce a quality image on 120 film. 
Has a Schneider lens that must be focused by measuring. 
6 by 9cm negative that is great for either slides or black/white artistic shots. 
I can put an insert for 6 by 6.  Used occasionally for experimental work,
 mostly in monochrome.  

Mine is in excellent condition, which is rare.  
Everything works, and the shutter is quite accurate. 
Has PC socket, so you can use any type of flash unit and it will synch at all speeds up to 1/250. 
Fun to use and always a conversation starter.

   Hassleblad -
I do not own one, but they are very nice.  
Apparently some of the older ones are temperamental,

but there is a large supply of used lenses and bodies out there. 
Do research before buying, because some of the older ones are better than others.


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