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            Paul Smyres
   Photographer, writer, website designer         

          Mr. Smyres has been a pioneer among photographe by publishing his work directly to the interet within a contextual framerwork.    His popular photography websites, and receive more than 350,000 visitors each month from over 140 countries, and they are still growing rapidly.    In 2005, his websites received nearly 3 million visitors.  

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Portrait work 
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There are many styles of portrait photography.

I prefer a simple style that emphasizes the personality and expression of the subject,
but can I do many different kinds.
Portrait photography is challenging and you need to have a personality that is upbeat, lively, and sensitive.
The most important thing in a portrait is the expression,  and it doesn't have to be a smile.   
   I've done a lot of family portraits, infants through adults, and many pet portraitsI've photographed thousands of children, in schools, dance schools, candid shots, and formal portraits in a variety of styleswith many kinds of cameras

              My wedding style is more journalistic than formal.  I give my customers a choice of B/W or Color or both.

          While most of my business is now in various kinds of commercial photography, I especially enjoy photographing young children and pets so I make room in my schedule for requests.   Call for an appointment. 

"Your pet deserves to be famous!" "Pet Celebrity!"
Hollywood Glamour Pet Photography
Pet photography requires a certain knack with animals. 

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Special print, CD, and licensing packages for pet breeders.   Call for information
Cats   Dogs  Horses
  Monochrome prints are nice sometimes. Music Toddlers   Sleeping cat, click to see more  
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Dance Young dancer at her first photo shoot   Do you love your horse?   laughing horse  
  Cable car above Merida, Venezuela   Swan with ducks   product photography, marketing
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  Amish buggies, idle for the winter --  prints and note-cards   aerial photography   A blown glass factory showroom


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