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Living Being Media™
Music, Art, Life

www.livingpictures.org        www.livingbeing.com

Just 2 of our series of attractive and informative websites. 
Living Being Media
is an independent communication resource.   
We find and distribute useful information about art, music, inspiration,
environmental issues, alternative energy, international culture and harmonious living.

Our visitors come from over 155 countries.  Over 7 million visitors in past 5 years.

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       Thanks for taking time out of your day  to pause here……..

        I know I only have a few minutes of your time before you go on to something else on the ‘net' and you’ll forget you ever saw this page.

         But folks, stop for a few moments and consider this:  a few moments of your awareness can pay huge benefits if you learn something important.   The right information can save you time and aggravation, make money, build your relationships, improve your health and even save your life.    But, it takes time to find vital information and I know you have lots of stuff to do.   Remember that many people have totally changed their whole lives for the better by knowing something about money or health that they never did before.

          That’s where we come in.   This is not one of those “internet marketing Guru” sites  with a course on how to get rich or build solar panels for your home.   ( But, you can find out the ones we recommend by joining ) .  This is much better.   We’ve gathered a pile of information for you that will pay you to learn, and not just how to make money, but to save money on everyday activities and purchases, how to get stuff done and not waste precious time, and a LOT of other valuable stuff.

         Do you ever consider what your time is worth?    How much do you earn per hour?    10, 30,  100 dollars ?    A penny saved is a penny earned, so if you save 1,000 dollars by knowing where to shop, for example, it’s as good as working for the money.    Would you spend an hour’s pay per year on information that will save you possibly thousands, make you money, improve your health, save money on life’s desires and necessities, PLUS possibly earn you money by developing some new skills, AND you could keep on using it for years and years, even teach it to your children and friends ?    

             If you answer no to that question, go think about it for awhile and come back here someday to read further……be sure to bookmark this site because I’ll bet you come back.

             Now, I know anyone still with me wants to learn something so I’ll get to the point.   We’ll guarantee you get your money’s worth from access to our site’s resources or you’ll get a refund.    Hey, I don’t want unhappy people talking bad about me and my business. 

              Membership in our series of sites is totally worth the small price.   And this is not just a “report” you get, like some places sell you.    This is access to an ongoing, growing library of powerful and useful information, with pictures and even audio and video.   

  Here’s some of what you are going to get by joining our series of sites:

     Valuable tips on how to shop online and save lots of money.   

     Tips on how to buy electronic products, what to look for.

     Checklists for managing all kinds of stuff, from personal to business,        family, and more.

     Links to quality suppliers and affiliates that we carefully select for value and usefulness.    Some of these can teach you how to make serious money.

     A free Ecard account, using loads of our beautiful photos and quote, or add your own images and music, send invitations, and more.

     Links to our fabulous YouTube section, with over 1,000 videos of amazing content covering dozens of interesting subjects.

     Honorary membership to our blogs:  Time: our greatest resource
               Aviation     Checklists

     Access to photography tips section:  pet photography, portraits, children, travel, how to edit photos……

     Access to our instructions on product photography:  How to photograph products to make faster sales for more money.


Is that enough to justify the small price of joining the Living Being Media series of sites  ?

          If you can’t save at least 50 dollars per year from your membership subscription then you aren’t trying.    We’ll still give you a refund, but let’s be honest, we know it’s worth far more than the cost. 

Now, what else do we need to say ?    

Oh, you want MORE?    You’re really squeezing us…..   

       Well how about things like discounts on selected products from time to time, or rare, custom made products we offer first to members only, like collectible art pieces, carvings, crystals, and quality used items ( we never sell junk ).   Hand made stuff from local and regional crafts people.

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Also, you can reach your friends, associates, and customers through various sections, like our blogs
For example:   Pets    Aviation    Photography tips     Art..   Time: our greatest resource,  and  more.

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