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Jeep Wrangler


The Jeep wrangler is a unique vehicle.  
  If you've never driven one, or taken a ride in one, you're in for a treat.   You may get addicted.
We did.   A friend bought a Jeep and took us out in it on a summer day with the top off.
Two weeks later we had one of our own !
These cars are so much fun you keep thinking you must be doing something illegal.
Jeeps can be customized to the Nth degree with a whole host of tops, racks,
doors, lights, tires, and just about every part on the truck.
They last a long time, too, because they're built to take a beating.

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Above: 1966 Jeep Jeepster
For Sale      Call 804.677.3139     Only one like it with custom painted flames! 

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