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WOODSTOCK EARTH- handmade crafts, Woodstock,NY
FABULOUS FURNITURE - unique custom furniture Phoenecia, NY
GILMOR GLASSWORKS - handblown glass, Millerton, NY

The Looking Glass, in New Paltz, NY
Creations Cafe, New Paltz, NY
Oroclick gold jewelry
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Salerno's Pizza, Bridgeport, CT

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Bird Haven, Danbury, CT

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Fabulous Furniture, custom, totally unique handmade items
Fabulous Furniture

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Gait Connection -- make friends with a gentle Paso Fino, therapeutic riding
Gait Connection

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  Western restaurant, country inn, etc.

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Exciting new site being developed

NEW !    Exciting new site being developed.....
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This site features poetry, contemporary rap,
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An American flag waves next to an old cemetery

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Salerno's pizza White tulip Hat on a saddle, 

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