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Woodstock Earth, Woodstock, NY
Woodstock Earth is a local association of artists and business people 
who believe in cooperative enterprise,
the "W.E.conomy", as they call it.
They have a fascinating shop in Woodstock where they sell unusual merchandise and unique crafts.
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To order or inquire about high-quality hand-crafted drums, used in drum circles everywhere, 
or Woodstock Earth's beautifully painted mailboxes,
give them a call.   
1(845) 679-2527

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buy a drum

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Handmade African drums

(more pictures)

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moose antlers
weird stuff

Carved African masks

timeless clocks
the popular
"Record" Clocks
(get one for yourself, email saveearth@netstep.net)

Woodstock Earth

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artist co-operative
keeping the spirit alive
arts, crafts, antiques,
handmade uniques

painted clothing,

statues, beading, carvings

5 Tannery Brook,
Woodstock, NY 12498

Woodstock Earth

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