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News in the Hudson Valley

        The Bush administration has put thousands of troops and some boats in the middle east region.  Conversation still goes on on whether Bush will attack Iraq or not.    


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If a military starts going after everybody cuz ther terrible,
 they might end up looking terrible and be gone after by someone elses military

  I discovered the following page on the web and found it to be very "cool" if the grim subject of Iraq can be referred to with such light words.  Please take a second to check it out, it is not very long. 

Six Reasons To Bomb Iraq And Keep The Sanctions

a leaflet written by Gar Lipow

Ulster County, NY State: on"Redistricting"Currently there is a need for a determination of how the voting districts are to be drawn up for the county of Ulster.  The current plan which was at one time deemed unconstitutional by a State Supreme Court judge, was voted into effect in December by a count of 17-15.  One of the reasons why it is unconstitional is that under that system, it is very difficult for minorities to have a chance to gain office.   Now there are signatures being gathered for a "referendum" which will hopefully help a better plan be instituted for Ulster County.  If you are a registered voter in Ulster County please contact one of your legislators to ask for more information and how you can sign the petition.

A better Economic Plan 
(by robert smyres)

Weapons and military cost a lot of money.

If the government put half the money, resources and focus into making america near 0% reliant on oil and fossil fuels, then we wouldn't have to go to war anyway.   Thus it is a better economic plan.  We spend half as much money, and then get back even more money from the revenue created by "green" industry.  Every company selling solar panels, pays business taxes on their profits.  If more solar panels are sold, they pay more taxes to the government.  Also if they sell more solar panels, they have to hire another worker, who then pays taxes with the money he is paid by the company who is selling more panels.   He might even buy a "green" car, fueling that business, which will also pay more taxes when it sells more cars.  Focus on investing in OUR country, in a newly thinking fashion, and americans will all be able to live comfortably.      

i hate to foil N toil the spoil invested in black oil by royal families, loyal presidencies N societies who though they needed the gas to move ther asses, please 
lets name the facts, indeed
pick up a piece N read, 
you'll see some fools with some fuels made from...
  flax seeds
 now how could that be ?
  doesn't matter B
you want some energy G? you want electricity? grow some weed
make 4 times more paper than trees
burn the extra grass with biomass technology
harvest the seeds
it's hard to believe
how many people it feeds 
meetin nutritional needs

 tis the season 
like 40 million reasons to be heeding the information ,
layin in information,
wer weighin in information,
  then relayin information

a new . revolution, a new fellow solution



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