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Selling Property
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Homes for sale

Selling a home or other property is not easy,
and it involves laws that many people are unaware of.
That's why most people use the services
of a real estate broker.
A good licensed broker is invaluable, and will
 help you navigate 
through the transaction
Hudson Valley aerial photo services, prints.
A broker can help you in the following important ways:

Set the correct price. 
This is far more important than many people realize.  If the price is set too high, during the initial frenzy of buyer activity it will be avoided by qualified buyers of homes in the correct range.   Eventually it will then be lowered in price and may end up being purchased for less than true value by bargain-seekers.   A simple rule of thumb operates here:  the longer a home is on the market, the less likely it is to receive a high offer.

                  Even though a broker will receive a commission from the seller, in most cases the seller actually ends up with more in pocket, because the broker makes the sale at a higher price. 

Prepare marketing materials and a plan.

Realtors have the materials, tools, and knowledge to produce professional and attractive  flyers and brochures, which we distribute to other brokers, buyer prospects as well as a large network of referral companies and top producing agents.

Screen buyers.

When buyers come into a real estate office, a Realtor will spend time with them to find out what they are financially qualified to buy.     They will discuss their individual needs in detail.  This can save a lot of time.

Place your home on the internet for all to see.

These days most buyers are very internet savvy, so they look first on the internet and compare prices.   Realtors take photos of client's properties and post them on the internet, as well as in 3 MLS systems online.  
They can also create a "visual tour" of your property.

Guide you through the maze of paperwork.

Real estate transactions require more and more paperwork.  In New York State, for instance, sellers are asked to fill out a property disclosure form.   By not doing so you could  face a $ 500 penalty at the time of closing.

Give you tips on how to get your home into showing condition.

There are simple things you can do to help sell your home more quickly.   Some of them are common sense, yet many sellers overlook them.   Agents generally know what works best.  See our  tips for sellers page

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