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Selling your home
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Many of the the things that help
a home sell fast
are very simple and common sense.


Minor repairs -

              Nothing turns off buyers more than simple things that are neglected.  
 If simple things are neglected, it follows that more important things could also be
in bad condition.    A neglected house implies that the owners don't seem to care,
 so you won't get your best price, no matter how much you think it's worth.

Cleaning: ( this includes getting rid of pet odors etc ).

  It's a good idea to get rid of old and bulky furniture, too.  
It creates a feeling of spaciousness that buyers like.   This especially applies to
bathrooms and kitchens.

Let light into the home by opening shades.

               Use color and lighting to accent your home's best features.   Flowers,
 for example, are great, and they add a nice fragrance, too.   Fresh paint where needed
 is also helpful.

Avoid eccentricities.

Most buyers have middle of the road tastes, and they don't have good
 imaginations.    Such things as odd colors on the walls or bizarre decor are likely
to turn people off.

Have some pictures of your home in other seasons.

               Pictures help buyers a lot, especially if your home is for sale in
 late Fall or winter, when there's no color and the garden is colorless.

Always draw attention to your property's best features.

This could be a fantastic view, a large porch or deck, fireplace
with den, jacuzzi, or any number of other things that make your property
special.  No home is perfect, so you have to emphasize the positive, and
reduce the impact of the negative.

Making your home available to show is so very important !

It almost seems silly to mention this, but a surprising number
 of sellers are difficult to reach, can't find the time to let brokers in, don't
 plow their driveways, and so on.   If you really want to sell , make sure
your property  can be shown often and with ease.

Give your property some "curb appeal".

   You know what they say about "first impressions".    A lot of buyers can't
 overcome the initial appearance of a home and don't even want to go inside.  
 Clean up the outside and invest in some shrubs or flowers.   Mow the grass often
or shovel the walk.   Do anything you can to make your property inviting.