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I'm no longer an active sales agent,
so I may not list or sell homes
for a commission.  
However, I can consult with you and give you helpful information
about this area.
We can also accept FSBO ( sale by owner ) ads on our sites. 
see details.

Home and aerial photo work   helps FSBO owners sell their homes.

Millerton,   Hudson Valley  New York State
518 - 789 - 9345
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Paul Smyres

Follow the links to learn more about buying and selling
 real estate in the Hudson Valley.

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These days almost everyone who buys or sells real estate
uses the internet in one way or another.  
If you're trying to sell your home, the internet is the best place to start.

 Many people have difficulty when
they buy  property because what happens to be on the market usually doesn't
 match their pre-conceived notions of the ideal place.  That's where creativity
makes the difference.   It's important for your realtor to be able to help
customers see possibilities.  Virtually every property has a "problem" from
 someone's point of view.  Some see just an opportunity of one kind or another.

       My background is in photography, writing, and internet media.   I'm
 also knowledgeable about property, land, construction, architecture,
 topography and interior design. 

          Planning to sell property soon?

   In our area, many buyers are coming from the New York City region.   
That means they can't do a lot of "drive-bys".
If you plan to sell your property, you need an agent who knows how to market
real estate using the internet.
  Visit this page for tips  on selling your home

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         Dutchess and Columbia Counties are located in upstate New York
They border Connecticut and Massachusetts.  This area of the Hudson Valley
is across the river from the beautiful Catskills   The entire region is
 spectacularly beautiful, with rolling hills, lots of farms, horse ranches and
 many recreational, educational, and entertainment resources. 
Nearby are the famous towns of Woodstock, Rhinebeck, Poughkeepsie, 
Hyde Park and Hudson, NY.  Also nearby is Great Barrington, Lennox, and the
 Berkshires in MA  and Lakeville, Kent, and Salisbury, CT.   There are too
 many picturesque towns in the area to mention.

The Hudson Valley is accessible by 2 trains, 2 major airports, 2 highways
and many scenic country roads.  If you're serious about buying property
 here,  it will pay to be very pro-active and diligent because many choice
 properties sell quickly

Brokers and agents

Buying and selling real estate is serious business
so you need to work with someone you can trust.
Qualities to look for:

Honesty, energy, diligence, communication, follow through
knowledge of the area,  knowledge of homes and property, and....
creativity -- it often makes all the difference

Real estate is very much a people - oriented business.

A great deal of emotions are involved in many real estate transactions.
In fact, sometimes a deal falls through just because of some irrational
behavior.    You need to work with someone who can work well with people.
A personable agent or broker can keep the deal on track.


 Buyer agency  --  Real estate agents by default are working on behalf
 of the seller.  However, you can have an agent work for you,
specifically, to find property. 
All you need is a buyer's agent agreement.  Call me for details.

Property values are very strong here because the quality of life is excellent.

   Hudson Valley Music 
for bird lovers, lots of stuff.... 
bird houses and stuff 

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