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Hardwar, India

Above:  The sacred Ganges river at Hardwar, India

"It is true that the body is mortal, that it is under the power of death,
but it is also the dwelling place of Atman, the Spirit of immortal life. ...
when a man is in the joy of the spirit, he is free from all bondage,
the bondage of pleasure and pain."   

Hardwar, India is one of India's most sacred pilgrimage cities.
There are times when it's completely overwhelmed with worshipers.   Many come to die there.
The Ganges is associated with the river to immortality
and blessed by the god Shiva, destroyer, the god of death.
Because it's at the base of the Himalayas, the Ganges river regularly floods.
The runoff from melting snow and the monsoon rains has in the past caused
widespread destruction, but in modern times, India has set up a system of flood control gates. 
This has preserved an area of river at a constant level to protect the pilgrims.

The great rivers coming out of the Himalayas provide India with abundant hydroelectric power,
a vital source of energy for residents way back into the mountains.

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Shiva, Hindu god of death
  Shimla, India

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