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America is a (technically) free type of country.  Anyone has the right to present information and ideas on any topic almost anywhere.  Of course, other people have the right to argue back, debate, and present their information.  The idea is that hopefully the more reasonable, beneficial, make-sensical ideas will stand up to refining.  Example... an argument that   This is the type of stuff that is supposed to make the country great. Thus, if this type of process is interfered with, especially by the government itself, which is supposed to be for the people BY the people, it obviously begins to look frankly _d up. uh oh... Can i say "_ked up" ?  YES I ABSOLUTELY SURE CAN, and i hope more and more people are less and less afraid to SPEAK. I'm very sorry to the secret spies and officials that speak lies, but  
This website IS a representer of information and ideas not Always viewed, reviewed, seen, heard of, accepted, or very actively pursued. If this democracy, this little democratic action and demonstration of freedom of speech is interrupted suddenly, or seemingly somewhat subtley,  specifically conspicuously or suspiciously, tried to be hushed like so many other things, then wuttle we do ? viscious B's visionaries even business B's N CEO's who knows will know about it, it will be exposed, and not only that but  MOre information investigation and declaration will be set into placement , so uhh please, don't bother messin with these freekin peeps.  I more reccommend you just let go, grow some hydro sell it to some americanos, grow a fro,  maybe even be a hippie.. git jiggy with it, stick with it N quitchyur slob job hop in N bebop in a  stellar better stunner funner hotter hummer runnin on water split with electric into Hydro N O. [more power bro]
   pile in n move it to an island, git smilin  ... or something like that  

Moving on,   "green" technologies have only begun to be used in this time as the industrial age is still technically booming, even though these "green" ways could contribute so much to industry.  How about an electricity producing facility that uses wood and other biodegradeable wastes from cities to power those cities?  Things like this already take place and are in operation in certain places, including Hawaii.  
As I understand it, the only right the Government claims to have to stop a person from speaking, or distributing a message even in a letter or pamphlet,  is if the speech shows to be a real, clear and present danger to "national security." For example, a man yelling "fire" in a theatre where many people are, can get into real trouble with the law, on the basis that it would cause panic, and it is false, and people would run around and probably hurt each other.  
However, cars that run on water, or homes that are energy self sufficient certainly at least wouldn't appear to be jeapordizing the welfare of any part of society, but in fact, should make the world and surrounding even just a liiitle bit healthier.  Not to mention cheaper, meaning more money in the pocket of the consumer, meaning more money spent on other goods, which come from businesses, all of which produces tax revenue and reducing individual family poverty (more money for food..)

Since many energy companies are now in competition with each other, They should have more of an incentive in finding cheaper ways to produce electricity for their customers.  The electric companies that are known to have a reliable source of power generation, and a source that is not subject to hardly-controllable fluctuation in price (such as oil) ... will be the companies that folks end up staying with, and moving to. 

              Nobody is perfect, i don't myself do everything "green". It would be pretty difficult.,  and i would have no right expecting anyone else to be either. I simply believe in a reasonable and "user friendly" wutever is possible at the time switch to use technology that already exists.  And i believe in sharing information on what is available, and from where.  Also i think a certain amount of responsibily  should be and probably is felt on the shoulders of corporations, companies, and yes governments, to do something about these issues, if they have any power to do so, and especially if they know something, which they do if they are reading this "article."    

         I believe the Government, is the most suitable organization to watch out for and promote good kinds of things. In fact, that's generally what it has bEEn doing and working at since it was there, just the same as really any other government.  The leaders talk and try to think of a direction they want to go with their jurisdiction, their nation, or wutever.  

         Related to that, it is important that Americans take a sort of active role in their country .. otherwise each of our lives will be only or mostly swayed by whoever actually DOes decide they want to have some power or jurisdiction for decisions.     People can vote, people can write letters and contact their representatives, and people can even run for offices.  
         People can talk, people can build, people can choose wut things they buy.  People can ask questions, and people should be able to demand information, and in fact, are according to law ... the freedom of information act.  

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