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Garden Startin'
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"Gardening's good stuff 
and it's not that rough"

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"gitta buncha rasberries at once
picka buncha black berries to munch
at lunch or crunch time"

"Start a project 

plant a tree 

take a couple a seeds from

 the next apple you see."

send in your own gardening tips 
 thoughts or pics!


~of the month

- Make a compost heap, heap up your vegetable and other food leftovers in some designated spot in your backyard, try to mix in a bit of regular dirt .... After a while, this mixture will be very good to put in places where seeds and plants are  started [fertilizer] 

side benefits:  ----

- Cuts down on how many times the trash needs to be changed - [ in esp. kitchen garbages, food or food remnants take up a sizable portion of the volume in a pail, thus separating them out means pail needs to be changed maybe 1/3 or 1/2 as often]
- ----Cuts down on how Heavy the trash is [ food is some of the heaviest stuff generally in a trash bin, especially in the kitchen ]
----Cuts down on how much moist yukky Leakage comes out the bottom of the bag when the young man or old man or otherwise garbage taker outer pulls the trash from the container in which it was. [ food is usually making wutever thing is moist, and the heaviness adds to the likeliness of there being a hole in the bag in the first place ]
----- Hey, you never know what seeds will start growing in your compost heap ... Next thing you know you could be transplanting a baby apple tree, or a pumpkin or watermelon vine... 

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 other GREEN things

"green"-type vehicles --   

Do some things more cheaply  or free 

that usually require money

   --MAKE PLASTIC FROM CORN              [ instead of oil ]

  More about "bio"-plastic :which is, plastic that is biodegradable...  wrappers that can  be thrown out the window , to be gone in hours or days, Or put it in a gardens compost heap



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- Creative Gardens has been around for 30 years, and specializes in Japanese and English style gardens.

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