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May 15, 1999  
Whereas, it is given that violence and cruelty will never truly be eliminated from society,
and that the value of a human life is immeasurable,
we propose to set up the Living Pictures Foundation
for the relief of young victims of violence,
especially those who have lost one or both parents.

This foundation’s goal is to raise perpetual funding to support selected organizations
that distribute benefits with the following priorities:

 * Immediate rescue and assistance.
* Securing long-term personal safety and health.
* Educational programs for children.
These would ideally encourage international contact and travel,
or at least multicultural activities. 
      * Programs that allow children who are trapped in poverty,

especially in urban areas,
the opportunity to enjoy time in a safe and peaceful place, such as in rural areas.

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The Living Pictures Foundation, managed and directed by its founder, Paul Smyres,
will distribute 10% of all net profits to participating organizations.
These organizations and sponsors will receive publicity through internet links
as well as a functional tool to facilitate communication between themselves. 
The foundation’s internet site,, will produce revenue through:

Advertising, both regional and national
Corporate grants
Local and state grantsEducational grants
Non-profit organization grants
Sales of various merchandise, such as:
Antiques, framed prints
Framed, collectible photographic art
Collectible used cameras   
Photograph usage rights
Lectures, slide shows, consulting   
Photography assignments
Other revenue sources will develop over time,
such as multimedia productions aimed at the internet.

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The founder’s vision for this site is materializing over time
by executing a well-conceived plan,
in stages according to funding.
The first stage is to generate interest and revenue sufficient to establish
a permanent organization.  
The second stage will involve setting aside profits for continued growth
and contributions to other organizations. 
The foundation will in time provide its own grants directly to selected opportunities. 
If successful, profits could be substantial because of the nature of the proposed content,
and the exponential growth of the internet as a universal outlet for
creativity, communication, and commerce.
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Contact: Paul Smyres,  917-596-6431   Millerton, NY
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