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Living Being Media plans to use some of the profits to fund a foundation 
or contribute to other organizations that help young victims of violence.  
Ten percent of any net profit will be set aside for this purpose.
Our 3 sites attract more than 300,000 visitors monthly from up to 150 countries.
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baby portraits

living breathing human beings 
feeding teething babies eating 
later leaving seeding breeding 
living breathing human beings 
  ~~>  RobbyG  rap lyricist

Child eyes




" A simple child, that lightly draws its breath,
and feels its life in every limb,
what should it know of death."


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Contact: Paul Smyres

Mr. Smyres created this internet site after being moved by the events at
Columbine High School in April 1999 and in Kosovo. 

He intends to help establish a foundation to benefit young victims of violence. 
After the events of September 11, 2001 Mr. Smyres stepped up his efforts
 to enlarge and promote this site.
Since September 2001 the site has more than quintupled in size and visitor traffic has gone
from 2,000 per month to over 200,000 from up to 155 countries.
Having seen many cultures and been a witness to extreme poverty,
he wishes to use his craft in a manner that will help young victims in some small way. 
The internet is such a powerful communication tool with a proven capacity
to generate enormous sums of money,
 as well as publicity, so he believes it should be used to help the people who,
for all practical purposes, cannot help themselves. 
That is, the children who become victims of senseless war and other forms of violence.  
variety of merchandise is offered on this site, and during 2005,
a large selection of many kinds of products will be offered for sale here. 

We also sell merchandise on ebay, under the screen name LivingBeing.
We often sell quality used merchandise to get it back into circulation and out of landfills.

Further information will be found periodically on this site. 
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