Tell-A-Friend Configuration

Please note: All fields are updated on the fly after you make the change, you don't have to click Submit button no more.

General Setting - Run/Test Tell-A-Friend - Click here to view submitted data
Form title

Select header and footer template will be used.
Note: Tell-A-Friend HTML templates are stored inside folder templates_tellfriend

Total Number of Recipients

Default number of Recipient Name and Recipient Email fields will show up
Note: this number must smaller or equal with Total Number of Recipients above

Auto add sender email to mailing list
Auto add sender's friend emails to mailing list

Customize Email Template.  Use TextEditor to open and edit file languages/english_lang.php

Enable Security Image

If you select YES, user will see 'security image code' below. They have to enter the correct code as shown in the image in order to submit your form. This feature will prevent automated spam

Error message if user enter invalid code

After user submit form

Enter thank you message here

Enter URL here (Ex:

Generate HTML Code for this form

Run/Test Tell-A-Friend
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