General Configuration

The form below will allow you to customize all the general options.

Please note: All fields are updated on the fly after you make the change, you don't have to click Submit button no more.

General Setting
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Set default Language (Languages files are stored inside folder [languages]). The charset inside each language file might be different. After changing your language file you must click button REFRESH {'set_default_language'}

Date format

Time zone tips: Let's say you are living in Tokyo (Japan - GMT + 9), but your website is hosted by USA hosting company, and their servers are located in New York, if you want to display your local time only, then select GMT +9 and use Dropdown Adjust to correct your local time.

Note: Non member will see your local time unless they become a member and set their own time zone.

You have set GMT {'cf_timezone'} & Adjust={'cf_adjust_server_timezone'} - Your local time is now: {'show_server_time'}

Set server Time Zone

Adjust server Time zone. If after you set server Time zone above, the time show up still incorrect then use this to adjust.

By entering your IP Address, FormXP will auto calculate how far user away from your place. Click here to check your IP location

Auto detect your IP:

Would you like to auto calculate distance between your current IP and sender IP when you view submitted data detail ()? Select NO to get faster result.

You can insert the javascript code below to any .html file to display user location.
<script type="text/javascript" src="{'home_url'}/ip_js.php"> </script>

System Key code

FormXP Key code

Security Image Code Setting

Image Width px

Refresh Image
Image Height px
Text Font Name
(Upload your new Font file *.tff to folder resource/image_font)
Text Font Size
Text Font Color
(Use RGB Color : 153,255,255 or Web Color: #D7FFFF)
Background Color
(Use RGB Color : 255,255,255 or Web Color: #D7FFFF)
Line Height
Select Watermark Image (image type must be .png with white background, store watermark image inside folder resource/image_font) {'show_watermark_image'}
Watermark Opacity