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Flight School

Aviation and pilot information
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 Pilot training   
It's not easy to become a pilot.   It requires a tremendous amount of focused consciousness.

It takes brains, attention to detail, courage, persistence, a lot of study, good health, and significant money.  
 Pilots must learn about aviation physics, navigation, weather, powerplants, aircraft types,
FAA regulations, and much more, in addition to learning the motor skills.
It also requires excellent judgment and critical decision making skills.
You must pass a physical, and various written and practical tests.

Aviation training can begin very young.    Some get their student pilot's license as early as age 12. 
There are many teenage pilots.   It's actually a good idea to start young for this type of skill.
These days computers play a major part in all flight training, especially for large, expensive aircraft.
Today's home flight simulators, like Microsoft Flight Simulator X, are hugely superior
 to FAA certified flight simulators of only 10 or 12 years ago.

Pilots must have a thorough understanding of how their aircraft works, its strengths and limitations.
There are hundreds of different kinds of aircraft, too, so pilots are typically checked out on one kind at a time.

Follow links on the bottom right of this page to learn more about flying a plane.

 Aerial photography services   Hudson Valley region
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Five Star Flight school, Massachussets    Arrow Aviation, Danbury, CT


Flight school    Cessna 152 / 172 
  Aviation photos     Vintage aircraft 

approach to Great Barrington, Massachusetts
Coming in on final approach.

Clear Sky Photos 
Aerial Photography
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Clear Sky Photos 
Aerial Photography

Fast professional service
Sample photos and additional information

Aircraft have many gauges and switches,
and pilots must know how every single one works,
 and when to check them.

Fantastic full motion simulator
You have to try this, it's amazing, and small, too.   Fits in a room.
"Cars for stars"
Rare, antique, and collectible cars
Old cars

"Not just textbooks......."

Tons of books from all subjects...    
Book suggestions

airporttower1_small.jpg (2740 bytes)

Control tower

pre-flight inspection is very important
Cessna 152

Pre-flight inspection

checking the maps before flight


Getting into the pilot's seat for the first time!

Flight planning is important
Fantastic full motion simulator

Checking the controls

Getting ready, start up...

Take off!

Take - off !

The cockpit controls for a Cessna 150
Hop in for a ride

planes parked in Great Barrington, MA

So many kinds
of planes.
Small plane in the hangar, Kingston, NY

Planes need regular care.

For some, flying is a wonderful hobby.

A light twin aircraft

Sightseeing plane, Centre Hall, Pennsylvania

flight3.jpg (322670 bytes)

The feeling of flight is amazing


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