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Protecting our natural environment

-- i have done a decent amount of research and what follows is some of what i have found
that could possibly be useful to a basic general public while in a not-too-difficult, labor intensive, dinero expensive or otherwise way out of the way way.... and maybe even have fun at the same time ;) --

  -----  I N T E R N E T  -----

a COLLEGE GUY uses OIL FROM RESTAURANTS to make good fuel

[ HEV ]'s --- Hybrid       Electric Vehicles  ---
they use about half the gas as normal cars, and they look pretty neat, 

"WATER CAR"  --- some homey has apparently figured out an easy way to switch a regular gas car to run on water, by using the components, Hydrogen and Oxygen, burned in the combustion chambers .... anyway i haven't personally seen it in action yet... but i don't see any reason why not to believe it could work.  As long as it's not too expensive, i plan to try it out for myself .... check out the  plans and instructions to see how it works, along with drawings.  

 (above : the honda insight) home page ---TOYOTA PRIUS


 antique cars page

 "green building" [ houses and things ]

   --MAKE PLASTIC FROM CORN              [ instead of oil ]

  More about "bio"-plastic :which is, plastic that is biodegradable...

synthesis club -- 
from Ulster County Community College, Stone Ridge NY, Hudson valley region

plEAse !! feel free to contact us

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