Multimedia Grabber icons have been installed to your IE browser. You can start to visit any website and grab everything that you want:

  • Photo image: .gif, .jpg, .png, .bmp (can be used to send ecard)

  • Flash movie: .swf (can be used to send ecard)

  • Shockwave: .drc (can be used to send ecard)

  • Quick Time movie: .mov (can be used to send ecard)

  • Windows Media: .wmv, .wma, .avi, .wav

  • Real Video/Audio: .rm

  • Midi files: .mid

  • MP3 files: .mp3

Multimedia Grabber is a tool to help you easy to download media files above to your hard drive anytime, anywhere.

Click on this button to open Voice Recorder software. This allows you record your voice and let you send an ecard with your voice attached.

Click on this button to grab files at the current website you are visiting.

If you do not see Multimedia icons on your IE browser toolbar, then follow the steps below:

Select menu View / Toolbar / Customize...

Select Multimedia Grabber icons - click Add button - and Close the window.

If you want to uninstall these icons then run the setup file Ecard.exe again and select button Remove.

Please note that there is NO SPYWARE and NO POPUP ads built in.