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Welcome to our new Ecards section.
This is a brand new service from Living Being Media
and it is still growing.  
Keep coming back for new cards, sounds, music, and quotes.

Use them for everyday communication AND holidays.

We have the widest selection of photographic e-cards.
We also sell T-shirts, Note-cards, Prints, Photo CD's, and license images for use.

Please take a small survey  ( click here ) to help us with our expansion

Membership is free during our trial period.  
After that it will be 10 USD per year.
We understand that many of our visitors are from parts of the world
where that price is very high.   We offer those people free use of some of the content.
Perhaps someday we may reconsider the price, once we get established.

Free trial extended:   
Thanks to all the new members
We've decided to extend our free membership period until further notice.
People who join now during our trial period will be automatically
extended without further cost.
Don't wait to join, this offer may end without notice.

Instructions and information
E-cards home page

       By joining Living Picture E-cards you will get access to many more features.  

     *****   Many more exclusive images, songs, poems that are not available in the            free trial area.

       ****   Your own address book, calendar, and date reminders

       ****   Load up your own images, songs, and poems. 

       How to use the  E-cards

1.   Select an image.   Click on the various categories on the menu and browse through the pictures.     Each image has a title, and some images are found in multiple categories with different titles.   

2.    Click on the image, then follow the instructions for entering receivers and your email address.     

3.   Preview your card, change it if you want, and then click send.

                      If you join, you can explore the whole system, put up your own poems, music, or pictures.   Plus, you can keep a calendar, send reminders, save addresses, and more.    Be sure to enjoy our other websites.     Another site will we launched later this year.

File size limits.

       Try to edit your pictures and music before loading it up.   Make the picture smaller or song shorter.   It will send faster that way.  

      There are modest limits to the size of photo and music files.    Songs are limited to 4 Megabytes.   Images are limited to 1 MB.   If you need more space or other help, contact us at:


       Your privacy is very important to us, so we do not sell, or distribute, our customers' information.    We sometimes contact our customers with offers they might like, such as t-shirts, notecards, prints, and other products or services.   

        We hope you enjoy your use of our interesting e-cards.

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