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I want to upload Skin images to database by using FTP program

Instruction how to upload images by using FTP program
  1. Use FTP login to your server, go inside folder
  2. Let's say you want to add new Skin name "My_Birthday". Use FTP to create subfolder
  3. Start uploading image files to [My_Birthday]. (bar.gif - bkg.gif - bottom.gif - icon.gif - poem.gif - skin.gif - top.gif - color.txt)
  4. After you're done uploading your files, CLICK HERE to insert your new skin  to database.

I want to upload Skin images by using Web Browser

Upload Skin images to database using Web browser{'error_msg'}

Image type:

You can use gif - jpg - png for file name skin + bkg
(skin.gif or skin.jpg or skin.png - bkg.gif or bkg.jpg or bkg.png)

You can use gif - jpg - png - sfw (Flash) for file name bar + bottom + icon + poem + top

  Name display - (You can use your own language with special characters and white space)

  Click Browse... button to select image file
color // Example: #800000