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Just 2 of our series of attractive and informative websites.

Our visitors come from over 155 countries.

 Over 7 million visitors in past 5 years and we're still growing.

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We're moving through a major expansion

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Some of our additions:    YouTube section,    eCards,    Aviation,   Flight Simulator  Alternative energy
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Our advantages

 Top ten ranking on Google for multiple subjects and pages.

In fact, for some searches we have 2 or 3 pages in the top 10.    All the major search engines index our sites because of their size, demographics, reach, relevant content, good keywords, and attractiveness.


All clean and attractive content.   We don’t have any junk on our sites.   We know what’s out there, trust us.    We don’t put garbage on our sites and visitors like that.   So do advertisers


            Something unique.    There’s a ton of people out there screaming “Advertise on our site!!!!”   You’ve probably gotten an email from some of them.    Well, I’ve checked out a lot of them, and guess what, they’re not very good.    Many are simple, unattractive, directory sites.    BORING !     We offer something a lot better than that.    We have very attractive photography, humor, information, links to other resources, lots of variety, and more.


         Our prices are very reasonable in addition to the great quaiity.  We know our sites, what sections are most popular, what we are working on, and what our goals are.    We are totally into quality and aesthetics.    We’ve come a long way in 10 years.


         Quality of content     We’ve been doing this for more than 10 years and we know one thing for sure, if you have good relevant content, connections to other resources, and are fair, the visitors will keep coming.    People want quality, or at least, the people we want as visitors do.    They appreciate fine goods and services along with fair customer treatment.    We particularly like crafts, workmanship, art, music, handmade items.    We also like alternative energy and housing, aviation, cars.


          Huge variety of subjects and niches.   One is just right for your business, or we will help you create that niche and put a page or even section on our sites just for you.   Some of the many subjects in our sites ( there are well over 1,200 pages ):   Pets, photography, camera reviews, travel, humor, music, art, aviation, flight school, old cars, weird stuff, domestic animals, Amish farms, country living, real estate, Hudson Valley, trucks, and much, much more.    We keep adding content, too.  In fact, we could add a page just for your business, and it could look very similar to your home page.   We will work with you to find the best pages for your ads.


Contact now for more information on prices, advertising options, and more.   We will answer your questions and come up with a plan.


We’re still growing….. we continuously expand into new subjects and niches.    Recent additions:   flight simulators, product photography tips, Costa Rica, India.


New !   We have a big YouTube section.    See our playlists, loads of subjects and fascinating information:   www.youtube/lightcatcher3  


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