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Death and rebirth

Above:   Huge statue of the god of death, Shiva, in HardwarIndia

Death and rebirth is
an old theme that has been explored countless times
in all forms of art throughout history.
The photos here evoke introspective moods.  There are many others on this site with a similar theme.


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"It is true that the body is mortal, that it is under the power of death,
but it is also the dwelling place of Atman, the Spirit of immortal life. ...
when a man is in the joy of the spirit, he is free from all bondage,
the bondage of pleasure and pain."

"The wise who knows the Self as bodiless within the bodies,
as unchanging among changing things, as great and omnipresent, 
does never grieve.
That self cannot be gained by the Veda, nor by understanding, nor by much learning."

"Believe that each day is the last to shine upon thee."   Horace

The capacity of the human spirit to deal with powerful negative experiences
and rebound into a cheerful attitude toward life is amazing and well documented.
Images are very helpful in overcoming states of depression.   Transformative imagery page

Book suggestions   Hardwar, India

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Ganges river, Hardwar, India


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Shiva, Hindu god of death

cliff jumping teen

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