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 "God made the country, and man made the town."  Cowper

Amish farm in Central Pennsylvania

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The Amish are known for their simple agricultural life. 
There are many types of
Amish people, some use more technology than others. 
Young people are permitted  to experiment somewhat with the "English" ways. 
Most stay with their families and continue that way of life. 
Young Amish take on lots of responsibility at an early age.  
Boys as young as sixteen marry and manage whole farms.

More and more Amish interact with the "English", trading goods and services.  
Many are very wealthy because of the immense value of their land, which they rarely sell.

These farms are in Central Pennsylvania, about 20 miles East of State College
If you sit quietly, you can hear the clip-clop of Amish buggies as they go about their business.
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"Free from war's cares, returns an easy food,
they breathe the fresh and uncorrupted air,
and by clear brooks enjoy untroubled sleeps."

Tips on selling your home    Country Homes
Do you like living in a quiet country setting? 
Would you like to have a nice country retreat?   
Have you ever considered starting a small business in the country, not too far from NYC?

You can't go wrong buying a good property in the Hudson Valley.   
I've lived in the Hudson Valley for many years,  and I can help you find a home or business location.  
 There are great opportunities up here for real estate investors, too.   
Property holds it's value very well in this region, so property values 
are currently on the rise.   Demand is growing and supply is diminishing.

                The Hudson Valley region is peaceful and very beautiful.   
It's one of the few places left within a reasonable distance from NYC 
that has open land, great scenery, and a host of entertainment 
and recreational opportunities nearby.  
If you research this area, you'll discover just how nice it is.   Everywhere you turn 
there is either art, music, dance, theater,  or other 
cultural celebrations.   And, it's not far from NYC, one of the greatest cities on Earth.  

                 It's easily accessed by 2 major highways, 2 trains ( Amtrak and Metro North),
 numerous scenic country roads,  and 2 major airports in Newburgh and Albany.

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