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Living Being Media
Living Being Media
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Content Contributors

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   We need a few interesting and vibrant people to contribute to our network of sites.         

          We're looking for a very few select people to contribute unique content to our large international websites.    We're very open to who you are and where you come from but we have some important qualities and abilities that we will consider.    If you think you have something special to contribute, read our list of considerations below.    

                Then, send us an email with an essay about what you want to do.   You can use visual or audio communication in your submission.    Once we review it we'll start a dialog with you and ask for more samples.    In the beginning these positions will not be paid, but if we accept you as a contributor you'll have a number of opportunities which we are listed below.    

                We're building a large internet company.   If you help build it, it will pay.   We need young people, middle aged people, and older people.   If we like your content and other factors work out, we'll consider you for actual employment in the future but we offer no guarantee.   

                 send application by email as an attached Word or text file.   If you want to send and HTML file   contact us first with a regular email.    If you have any other questions, call Paul:
519-789-9345      Paul Smyres  owner and president   Living Being Media

Job description:  
Living Being Media Correspondent 

                We need some people who will contribute regularly to our websites with writing and some images.    You'll get your own page or pages on one or more of our international websites, and your work will be protected by clearly noting on your pages the source of the content.     We'll adapt your content to our style and design considerations.    You may contribute writing, art, photography, music, or other content.    You can link to your own site from your pages on our site.

                 There is no specific timeline for your contributions.   However, our company is growing vigorously so we're looking for very active contributors who get online frequently.     You'll have a lot of freedom about what you send in.   We're open.   Jus show us what you have and we'll look at it.    After some time we may give you a personal email at one of our sites if you wish.

                  Once you get established as a contributor, you may find advertisers for our site.    By doing this you can earn good commissions and build your own network of associates and affiliates.    If you're good, over time you could be responsible for one or more content areas, even whole sections such as a region of the country or world.   Or you could contribute in a narrow area if you wish.

                 Our sites get over 300,000 visitors monthly from around the world and they are growing very fast.    We will be launching some other sites, too, in the future.   If you become a contributor your work will get known.    The more versatile you are and the larger your social and/or business network the more likely we are to accept you as a major contributor.

                  We would like to find at least one person on the west coast of US, one in the south, and anyone in another country or continent.    If you can travel internationally, that's a plus.


Listed below are things we consider when accepting an application for correspondent.
In response, we are looking for interesting text and/or visual communication.
We can provide some training if the other qualities are good.
Our ideal candidates are smart, honest, curious, and enthusiastic about life.
Good technical skills and versatility are also important.

Personal qualities

Open mind and heart
sense of humor
persistence and diligence
what are your life goals?
Good with people

Do you travel much?   Where have you been?
Can you write and take photographs?
How are you with people? 
Can you sell ? ( NOT necessary )
Where did you go to school, and what was your major?

Technical skills Network

How are you with computers?
Can you load, edit, and upload pictures?
Do you have a good digital camera?
What software do you know?
What are some of your skills?


Do you have a business?
Do you know a lot of people?
Do you have a website or blog?
Do you socialize often?
Can you communicate with other cultures?
What generation are you from?

Interests Miscellaneous

Some of our popular content areas are:
   pets, country living, travel, nature, environment,
         alternative energy, international culture,
                property and real estate, aviation, humor, music
                  old cars, birds, photography

Can you contribute anything in those categories ?

      Tell us something about yourself in a few paragraphs.   

      How did you find this site and why do you want to do this?

       How often can you contribute, and how much?
It could be a once in a while thing, and there's no deadline or requirement.  

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