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Flame orange tree in the peak of autumn

"There is a Spirit that is mind and Life, light and truth and vast spaces.
He contains all works and desires and all perfumes and all tastes.
He enfolds the whole universe, and in silence is loving to all" 

Places of worship always interest me, mostly because of the care that is taken
to make and keep them beautiful. 

  Sometimes more inspiration can be found outdoors, however.
These churches are located in Bridgeport and Fairfield, Connecticut
This section of the site will display a variety of churches and temples of every denomination.
Separate pages will be added for different religions and denominations.


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Bart Ehrman

Misquoting Jesus

         From a devoted Christian scholar.... surprising revelations about just how often and how badly the Bible has been mistranslated and edited, often for political purposes, since the beginning.
 Bridgeport, CT  located in a run-down neighborhood. Religion
Congregational church in Fairfield, CT in classic New England style.
Orthodox church in winter, click for sunset photo Greenfield Hills Congregational, Fairfield, CT Winter in Fairfield, Connecticut Church in snowstorm

Orthodox church, Bridgeport, CT

Domed Catholic church


Heavy electric wires powering trains dominate the view of this old church.

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