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Save money on food, buy local produce

Plus, get better food.    Food is medicine.    Bad food, bad health.

And, don’t support those huge chains that want you to “sign up” for a discount ( tracking ) card.  It tracks all your items, time of purchase, name, etc, and “gives” you a 20 dollar ham once a year, if you’re lucky to save up a couple million points.

Please support

They have done research that proves the “discounts” at the carded stores are taken off inflated prices.  You’re not saving, it’s costing you more.


This is the page where we post warnings.

Folks, please do your own research and pay attention.

There’s a lot of great information, tools, and products out there.  But there is rotten stuff out there too.    However, one bad apple is just that.    Get rid of it and we’re all better off.     If you know of, or hear of, something that is clearly a scam, and had multiple complaints to cross-reference it, please tell us.

DON’T BUY I fell for this one.   It’s promoted a lot by emails.

It goes like this Pay ONLY 1.95 ( to get on the hook ) for some “information” about making money with Google, hidden in all the tiny, tiny print in the “agreement” is you get hit for repeat billing of around 70 dollars, starting a week later.

For which, you go to ANOTHER site, and try to sign in for the big deal, but there’s no password given, can’t log in.   Try calling customer service and guess what ? cancel is only option, no other number, no supervisor, no real business owner or rep. is there, just a run-around, then he hangs up.

oh, and NO REFUND, of the cancellation.

If  company is good, it cares about its reputation and customers.    It will answer questions, be open, polite, and not hide.   Any sign of that avoidance and secrecy, it’s goodbye.   And tell other people so that company dies on the vine.

That said,

There’s the big picture to consider.

The internet is a huge, growing, and multi-dimensional market place.    You can sell electrons     (downloadable information products D.I.P)., or you can sell ships and aircraft, or lead.

Watch out for the sharks though.

If you stumble on a mistake, get burned, take heart.   You’re not alone.   And, learn a lesson from the experience that will save you money in the future.

In my case, I could have read reviews about the company FIRST, but I wasn’t paying attention.   I won’t do that again.

Here’s another scam

many complaints about them, do a Google search.   They keep billing you every month, don’t provide anything of value.

FOR MORE INFORMATION,  look through Google’s site under the user forums and frequent questions.

DON’T join this business networking site

First, they have no real customer service… just an automated answer system that ALWAYS says ” all agents are busy”.   Nobody ever calls back no matter how many times you call.  They don’t answer email, either.   I got nothing out of a year’s membership.   I didn’t find any valuable contacts.  There’s a lot of members just yakking away about how great their business is, a lot of “consultants” and “mentors”, and “life coaches”.