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Work from home… But be careful !


You can work anywhere these days, but keep focused.

I work from home and it’s not as easy as many people think.    There are so many distractions, and no “boss”, or “manager”, to keep you on your toes.    If you want to work from home, you will need self discipline and a real plan, measurable goals.     There are times you can’t tell if all that you’re doing is getting you anywhere.    Then, the phone rings, or an email.    Spring to work, a customer  !

If you have company in the home while you are working, it’s helpful to make clear boundaries, what is work time, what is not.    For those who work primarily in “cyberspace”,  it can appear to friends and family that you are not really doing anything and can be approached at any time, even if to talk about trivial stuff.

Some people find it’s more productive to do some of the work late at night, after children go to sleep for example.    Ahhh, quiet !

Your customer is your master to some degree.  No customer, no money, food, home car.    No sitting out on the deck with your laptop and iced-tea.

To work at home you need a plan.   Use checklists to make sure you get stuff done.   A short pencil is better than a long memory.  ( old pilot saying ).