Site hosting and domains

It’s a good idea to have a website, but that’s easy

        You can make money online without a website by using emails, Twitter, and social networking sites.    But, you’ll do even better if you have your own “domain name”, and put up a site there.    

  A website does NOT have to be big or expensive.  

  It just has to have relevant material, good keywords, and get some visitors.

Explore these sites and learn more

Site hosting    I have used them for years and received great service.   Their administration control panel has dozens of features;   stats, file management, emails, plug-ins like WordPress and shopping carts, forums, surveys, and much more.



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Domain name registry keeps increasing, and the   dot com’s and dot net’s are going fast.

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For making sites, try :    you can download free templates and have a site in minutes.

For registering domains:


Do some research for domains and buy one that works well for you.    Many domain names are taken now, but if you’re clever with words, you can find something that works for your business.