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50 dollars or LESS, great value

Check out these very reasonable packages to help you market online.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get started making money online.   Take a look at some of these tools and programs.   Other people are doing it, you can too.

   Turnkey system for Twitter   ( click link )  You’ll save more money than in costs in the first few hours, and you can use it again and again.  It’s a TOOL, don’t buy it unless you use it.


Make money with Google ( learn more by clicking )

Work at home mom figures it out; making money online. Click for more info

Make money using Ebay, info

Submit photos, get paid. For info, click Here!

Are you an expert?

Think about what you know, either by education or daily experience.

    Someone out there would pay to learn what you know, what you have to do is find those people, and present the information in

a concise, accurate, and attractive way.

You can do that by using Google, and a number of other good sites like:

and find out how often that subject is being searched, what competition is out there, what they have to offer.   

It may seem strange, but there are people who are “expert” in the experience of a rare disease  who can teach other people about it.

Make a list of some of the things you know well, or can do well, and start doing some research

 Write something, and submit it to Ezine sites ( do a search on Google ), and you could get published, with a link back to your site and some contact info.

Sell weird stuff

       Did you know there are countless products that you probably never heard of that are in hot demand by specialized industries, and that they would appreciate some help selling online ?  

           It’s true.    There are some very expensive items too,  that industry MUST have to stay in business.   Here are some that you may know about but usually forget.

commercial refrigerators

computerized manufacturing machinery

parts for huge drilling rigs

various chemicals used in industry

and tons of other stuff, powders, liquids, transportation equipment, and so much more.

These companies are lonely, trying hard to get the eyes and ears of the few people who need their stuff.

      You can help them sell.    You may even be in the perfect industry already, but not know how to get involved in this.

Now, some of this stuff is downright strange.  ( Ever hear about Milorganite ).   look it up.  It’s a kind of fertilizer made from dried sewage.   Hint, never let it get wet…. unless it’s in the ground.

Okay, that’s bizarre,

but there are things that are squeaky clean, like stuff for the surgical and dental industries.

Perhaps you can create a great website for them, or an internet marketing campaign.   Sky’s the limit on this if you do research.

Make money using Ebay, info

Don’t have a retirement savings

Have a retirement INCOME.    

 ( okay, have a savings account too, but don’t forget to create an income stream along the way )

How much does your savings pay while you’re heading towards retirement?

How much will it pay YOU once you stop working?

What if you could have income streaming in right on through retirement until the day you die, AND,  keep on going to benefit your family?

         Does that sound crazy?

There are things that you can do now, even in your spare time, over a long period if you wish, to build up a steady residual income from a variety of online sources.

For example: 

Membership plans to interesting sites that you create, and newsletters that you publish

A digital information product, or DIP, that you create, and keeps selling month after month, passively, delivered by email automatically.

An Ebay business that sells a lot of similar products, easy to list and sell, and often you can have someone ELSE actually ship it.   

Copyrighted content such as songs you write, or pictures you take   There are companies right now who would like to use your images on a shirt, or mug, or some other way.   You can find these companies online, and you can have your own products created so you can sell them.

You can use the internet to create steady, long term income. Here’s ONE of many ways, listen and learn.

and another one…


It’s good to save some money, of course.   But don’t be afraid to spend some money learning how to make passive income that will help support you when you are too weak to work, or just want to play during retirement.


If someone gave you the manual and key to an aircraft, would you know what to do with it?

Learn, learn, learn.    That’s what.  Then fly, fly, fly.

Yes, there are valuable things that are free, but what will you do with them when you get them ?

Google wants you to make money.   Click bank wants you to make money.   Ebay wants you to make money.   Amazon wants you to make money

Huge, powerful companies want YOU to make lots of money and will help you learn how.   The information is out there right now waiting for you to see it and get going.    And there are a LOT of small companies that also want you to make money.

       Go to the main site of many big companies, and it tiny print ( usually ), at the bottom, or top of the page, there’s a little link that says:  Partners, or Affiliates.    Sign up, read, see what they have to say.    Your current business just might be one Amazon wants to partner with, or you can partner as an individual.

And while we’re on the subject of FREEBIES…..

You can actually make money by giving away free stuff.     When people get frees stuff that is actually useful, they tell their friends, and they buy stuff from you.      Giving away stuff can get you a long list of happy customers.    Just make sure what you give away is useful.

   Information is useful, so write up a little report about something you know a lot about, share it with friends, get some feedback, then offer it to people for free.  On that email or newsletter you can have links to your affiliate products, things you personally recommend.

You can sell other people’s products

One way you can make some money online is selling something you did not create.    

            All you do is recommend a product via an email, or website, or on Twitter. v    If someone follows through and buys something, you get a commission.    Some commissions are small, say a few percent, but others can be 100 dollars per sale, or a few dollars per click.     To find these, explore the links on this site.

What to do

              First you have to sign up as an affiliate to that company, and go through a short process where you select the products you would like to sell.    Then you copy and paste a short “html code”, or link, small banner, into an email or website, or blog, or on Twitter.     If you know how to cut and paste, you can do this.          

             But, you have to do some research.   There are some sites you can go to ( sign up, it’s free )

            and others.   Look online to find them under “affiliate programs”.  Some are for name brand, well known merchandise, and others are for small niche markets for unusual items and D.I.P’s.    DIP  is a “Downloadable Information Product”

      You can apply to get commissions from sales that use your link or small banner ad.    What products do you like to use?   what about your friends?    You can find products covering the whole spectrum.

Most affiliate income tends to build steadily as you learn and adapt.       It’s not “overnight” money.

Now, how to get visitors to come to your site or blog?

    There are good answers to that question, but you have to learn what to do.    The truth is, there are many, many ways to get traffic.    Some are free and some cost money.     Some take time, others can get fast results ( those are the ones that cost money ).     Then there are a few ways that are free AND fast ( Twitter ).

Google, the Big Gorilla

    It will pay you to learn about Google.    Google wants you to make money and sell stuff, because if you do, all of their advertisers who pay Google money, will advertise more, and Google will get more and more businesses to advertise with them.   Make friends with Google.   Go to their site, click on the various links regarding setting up an account.    You could spend all day there and still not learn everything.    If you can go through all the information, you’ll be well along to making some Google Bucks.

The scoop on Ebay

Can you really make money on Ebay?

You bet, of course you can.    And not only that, you can BUY stuff and save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year, just by knowing how to do it, what to look for.

What you need is information, how to do it.    For that you need to learn from someone who knows their way around Ebay.

You can do Ebay on a small scale, or do it full time.      Start by selling stuff you get for FREE and learn the process.    Convert ordinary stuff you find around the house, in the garage, attic, basement, and get a little money coming in.

Then, you can start buying stuff to sell.   There are a lot of places you can do that, but you need to know what NOT to buy, and what to pay for it.   That comes from experience or training.

Want to know one of the secrets of Ebay:

Keep a great reputation by delivering good service, ship fast.

another one?     good product photography    Click here to get a 10 page report.

another secret of Ebay — right price for what you’re selling.  You can go to Ebay’s completed listing section and see what similar items sold for, or did not sell for.

Read more about categories, fees, security, and more at

More than likely, you could make hundreds of dollars from stuff just laying around the house.     Kids outgrown the toys?   Of to college?    

Hot sellers:   Lego,  Tube amps and radios, vintage watches, collectible games and memorabilia…

Go look now, take notes, do research.

Pets for fun and profit

Do you know anything about pets?    

You might have an online source of income just with that subject.    You might be an expert who can do what this guy is doing, or something similar.   Take a look.

Click Here!   to find out how to train dogs much more easily.

            Even if you know NOTHING about pets, you could also make money with this product.

          And there are many, many other pet related products just begging to be promoted by people like you.

Is Twitter crazy?

Who here thinks Twitter is a crazy place?


Turnkey Twitter Live Stream Website

It is indeed !

            But not just because you can hear about someone’s hangover or dog doo-doo.  

 It’s CRAZY for business and social networking.    

It’s the fastest way to reach a broad, interested, relevant market, and meet new contacts,in real time.     

The old way was, have a website, do google, do a MySpace thing, and wait.    

BORING, takes way to long and we’ve got things to do.

      Hey, we carry our computers around with us these days, people.   and they have tiny keyboards, we have short attention spans….

          Give us the goods, the tip, the link, the gossip, the news,  and give it to us Short and Sweet..  and NOW, too.   okay ?

          Twitter is real time, so it’s very, very powerful.     It makes international dialogue  possible across a huge spectrum of the population.    Get ready for some incredible stuff to happen in the next few years.   ( Tweeter video and audio )

       Can’t say what you need in 140?   well, get yourself a dictionary and learn the lingo……….

          If you say something interesting on Twitter you can get some eyes on your big message or product.


      Now,  research this product.    DO NOT BUY IT unless you plan to USE it.

         Scroll back to the top of this page:    See that box, the Twitter Search box  ?    He’s got something that is so useful, and so CHEAP,  I can hardly believe it.   

I’m not going to spoil the surprise.     You need to see this for yourself.   Watch the video.

            That product is so worthwhile that within one day you’ll save far more in time than it costs.    And then, you can keep using it over and over again to save and make money.     I call that a bargain if I ever saw one. 

             It’s a tool.   Tools can make money again and again.    You have to learn what it does, how to use it,   and then actually use it or don’t bother buying it.

Also, try this:

Tweet Later…      incredible tool.  You can set up “tweets” to go up on your twitter page automatically, set them up and let them run.

Learn more about Social Media networking ( click this link )

Welcome to Cash Forest

“Whoever said money doesn’t grow on trees never had an orchard.”      Paul Smyres

                   The fact is, trees ARE money sometimes.   Some of them keep producing for years, and some have so much fruit it’s overwhelming.   Look around on this site;  there’s a money tree in here just for you.

                     ANNOUNCEMENT:    The economy is not collapsing, it’s SHIFTING, and very fast, too.

                     NOW is one of the best times EVER for liberating yourself from the grind and working from home.    Never before has it been so possible for so many people to exchange  products and services with people all around the world.      

            Reason:    INTERNET

           It has opened doors that 10 years ago were barely dreamed of.    Do you realize you can sell something to someone 10,000 miles away, while you sleep, and have it delivered automatically or by someone else, or by computer, you just collect money?

   You don’t even have to go to a bank, you can stay home and laugh.

              Let that sink in a bit:   make money while you sleep, or while you do something else you like to do.     It’s possible these days, and happens all the time.   The economy is no longer limited to your neighborhood, state, or even country.     Making a living online has never been easier, and it could become even EASIER in years to come.     Smart merchants and talent is getting onboard as never before.

        AND, one other incredible fact:   You can LIVE where it costs a lot less to live, and EARN from far away.     Choose where you live,  just be able to get internet.   ( You can do that in parts of the Himalayas these days.  )


            You will have to use your brains, hands, and devote time to make money online.    

             You will have to READ, and LISTEN and DO some things.     It doesn’t happen by magic.

      There are  LOT of ways use the internet for making money, and this site can help you sort them all out, so you can review some of the pitches and figure out what will work for YOU.

      Even if you make something at home that you would like to sell, the internet can help you sell it, and you can use the internet to find suppliers, workers, marketing help, and a ton of other resources to help you break your dependence on working for someone else for all of your income.

    Now, a reminder, there is effort you have to put in to make it all happen.     One thing you MUST do is research, read, listen, gather information.    

            Click on these links, take notes, bookmark sites, and go back to them to review.     Internet marketing sales pitches can get high-pitched and a bit wild.   Beneath all of that, however, there is real gold, that is, good information about what to do, specifically, to make money.    The reason the pitch is so high is because there are many who have made incredible amounts of money, and they are shouting from the rooftops about it.    Pay attention, because there is a Money Tree for you here in Cash Forest.

          Almost every opportunity is going to cost SOMETHING.     So what ?  

          Have you ever bought a textbook?    If you learn what’s in the book, you will make a career, and many years of income.   So, don’t be afraid to spend a little money to get an education.   Just make sure you DO what your instructions tell you to do, and you’ll reap the reward.   Whatever method you choose to make money online, make sure you are committed to it or you’ll be disappointed.

         Get an education in internet marketing, take notes, make contacts with other people doing the same thing, and you will find your way through the woods.

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