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“Whoever said money doesn’t grow on trees never had an orchard.”      Paul Smyres

                   The fact is, trees ARE money sometimes.   Some of them keep producing for years, and some have so much fruit it’s overwhelming.   Look around on this site;  there’s a money tree in here just for you.

                     ANNOUNCEMENT:    The economy is not collapsing, it’s SHIFTING, and very fast, too.

                     NOW is one of the best times EVER for liberating yourself from the grind and working from home.    Never before has it been so possible for so many people to exchange  products and services with people all around the world.      

            Reason:    INTERNET

           It has opened doors that 10 years ago were barely dreamed of.    Do you realize you can sell something to someone 10,000 miles away, while you sleep, and have it delivered automatically or by someone else, or by computer, you just collect money?

   You don’t even have to go to a bank, you can stay home and laugh.

              Let that sink in a bit:   make money while you sleep, or while you do something else you like to do.     It’s possible these days, and happens all the time.   The economy is no longer limited to your neighborhood, state, or even country.     Making a living online has never been easier, and it could become even EASIER in years to come.     Smart merchants and talent is getting onboard as never before.

        AND, one other incredible fact:   You can LIVE where it costs a lot less to live, and EARN from far away.     Choose where you live,  just be able to get internet.   ( You can do that in parts of the Himalayas these days.  )


            You will have to use your brains, hands, and devote time to make money online.    

             You will have to READ, and LISTEN and DO some things.     It doesn’t happen by magic.

      There are  LOT of ways use the internet for making money, and this site can help you sort them all out, so you can review some of the pitches and figure out what will work for YOU.

      Even if you make something at home that you would like to sell, the internet can help you sell it, and you can use the internet to find suppliers, workers, marketing help, and a ton of other resources to help you break your dependence on working for someone else for all of your income.

    Now, a reminder, there is effort you have to put in to make it all happen.     One thing you MUST do is research, read, listen, gather information.    

            Click on these links, take notes, bookmark sites, and go back to them to review.     Internet marketing sales pitches can get high-pitched and a bit wild.   Beneath all of that, however, there is real gold, that is, good information about what to do, specifically, to make money.    The reason the pitch is so high is because there are many who have made incredible amounts of money, and they are shouting from the rooftops about it.    Pay attention, because there is a Money Tree for you here in Cash Forest.

          Almost every opportunity is going to cost SOMETHING.     So what ?  

          Have you ever bought a textbook?    If you learn what’s in the book, you will make a career, and many years of income.   So, don’t be afraid to spend a little money to get an education.   Just make sure you DO what your instructions tell you to do, and you’ll reap the reward.   Whatever method you choose to make money online, make sure you are committed to it or you’ll be disappointed.

         Get an education in internet marketing, take notes, make contacts with other people doing the same thing, and you will find your way through the woods.

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